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Mobile Mechanic Near Me 24/7

If you’re searching for something like “mobile mechanic near my location” and are in need of emergency assistance, we’ve got you covered. We take pride in being the most responsive and timely mobile repair service in Spokane and Spokane Valley, Washington.

Moreover, we also believe in doing the right thing. Sometimes, the weather in Washington can be a bit unpredictable and you may find yourself needing a mobile mechanic with diagnostics.

No worries, our team of repair specialists are here to serve our customers to the best of our abilities and with immediate assistance.

Mobile Auto Repair Service in Washington

As an auto repair specialist team. It’s imperative that we are well versed in the different types of car or vehicle repair. So whether you’re looking for a mobile mechanic for rv or a mobile mechanic for mercedes-benz, our experience and knowledge will cover you with the best possible care in the local area. 

Other types of mobile repair we offer include: mobile mechanic for motorbikes, mobile mechanic for car inspection, mobile mechanic to fit car battery, mobile mechanic to change battery, mobile mechanic to fit brake pads, mobile mechanic to inspect car, mobile mechanic to check used car.

FAQ for our Mechanics

We have a lot of questions from our customers regarding they’re auto servicing needs. Here are just a few that may help you in your current situation.

Can a mobile mechanic fix an alternator?

Our repair team is definitely equipped with the expertise to replace an alternator or generator from an RV or car. We will need a replacement part to do so if the damage to the alternator is severe enough to require one. We may also recommend replacing the serpentine belt that drives with the new generator.

Can a mobile mechanic fix a clutch?

If you need your clutch replaced we can offer you a hassle free fix. Our certified mechanics will perform your clutch repair at the comfort of your home driveway or in a parking lot if need be. We service most vehicles like cars and trucks and will offer you a hassle free quote upon arrival.

Can a mobile mechanic fix a starter?

If your vehicle ignition isn’t working when you crank your key, it’s likely you have a problem with your starter. The starter sends an electric charge that allows your car to start and when this is compromised you won’t be able to set the vehicle in gear. 

Some common signs that your starter has malfunctioned include

  • Your car takes multiple times to start up
  • The starter creates a loud pervasive sound
  • The engine fails to start

How much does a mobile mechanic cost?

The cost to hire a mobile mechanic will vary on the degree of repair or replacement you need. A simple tire change or a tire change won’t cost you as much as an engine failure. 

There’s no need to worry though, we promise to always be up front with our RV and auto repair costs so you can rest assured there won’t be any surprises.